The Jambudvipa Trust

Local Buddhists now run all the work of TBMSG and Bahujan Hitay. After initiating and guiding this work for twenty years Lokamitra withdrew from his central role, partly to share his experience with others outside confines of TBMSG and Bahujan Hitay, and partly to explore further the social implications of spiritual practice.

The Jambudvipa Trust was founded in 1998 for this purpose. While fully independent with its own identity, Jambudvipa is in principle part of the wider FWBO/TBMSG family and still assists with many TBMSG and Bahujan Hitay projects.


- to encourage individuals and groups from disadvantaged and oppressed backgrounds to develop confidant and sustainable approaches to social work based on local initiatives and responsibility;

- to investigate the needs of oppressed groups in times of calamities such as earthquakes and establish a national network of people who can respond at such times;

- to explore and cultivate the relationship between individual ethical and spiritual practice on the one hand and social transformation on the other.

Manuski project is the outcome of the Jambudvipa Trust, which works in the following four areas:

1. Transcending Caste

2. Human Rights Advocacy

3. Dalit Women Leadership

4. Sustainability and Outreach

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