About us

Jambudvipa is a charitable trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act of Charity Regd no. E-2859 (Pune)


  • to encourage individuals and groups from disadvantaged and oppressed backgrounds to develop confident and sustainable approaches to social work based on local initiatives and responsibility;
  • to investigate the needs of oppressed groups in times of calamities such as earthquakes and establish a national network of people who can respond at such times;
  • to encourage the communication of Buddhist teachings in a manner that transcends social barriers and promotes harmony;
  • to explore and cultivate the relationship between individual ethical and spiritual practice on the one hand and social transformation on the other.

The greatest thing that the Buddha has done is to tell the world that it can not be reformed except by thereformation of the mind of man, and the mind of the world.” -Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Founder and President: Dhammachari Lokamitra 


  • Dhammachari Maitreynath Dhammakirti (Chief Functionary)
  • Dhammachari Vivekratna
  • Aspi Mistry

The Jambudvipa Trust

Deccan College Road,

Yerwada, Pune
India – 411006

p: +91-20-26698420
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e: info@jambudvipa.org
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