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Jambudvipa, the ancient Buddhist name for the Indian sub-continent, represents for us the transformation of society and culture through ethical and spiritual values.

This vision was brought alive in India in recent times through the peaceful revolution Dr. Ambedkar initiated in converting to Buddhism.

The Jambudvipa Trust envisages a society free of caste and other social barriers, in which all people, whatever their background can participate fully.

In this society there will be no discrimination and human life will be valued and not exploited.

  • People will be encouraged to develop confidence, ethical attitudes, and social responsibility.
  • Each person will have the capability to imagine and develop their own future and have opportunities to develop knowledge and skills enabling them to lead self-respecting and economically self sufficient lives.
  • Life will take place in a safe, clean, and unpolluted environment wherein resources are not misused but replenished.
Peaceful Dhamma Revolution

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, giving 22 wows to his followers, at Dikshabhoomi, Nagpur, 1956